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About us

We are a consulting company — a team of experts in the real estate area. We work with both individual clients and companies. We guarantee safe investments by choosing optimal solutions and we maximise the profits and minimise the risks


We have broad experience in the field of real estate. We continuously develop your skills in order to be a source of help and expertise for our partners.  


We value the client’s satisfaction high. Our goal is to reach satisfactory profits for your business partners.What confirms the quality of Partner Expert Group is the contentment of our clients.

We will provide you professional help with your investment.

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We will support you in the processes of real estate trading and acquisition

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You do not need to worry about your business if you cooperate with us. We effectively pursue our business goals.


We easily adjust to your needs. We are open to new solutions in both business and partnership.


We want to fully meet your expectations, so we constantly develop our skills and master our expertise.


We are fully dedicated to every project. We know it’s our joint business.


Broad professional experience allows us to effectively manage numerous projects and gives us a real market advantage.

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