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We are Partner Expert.
We assist developers
in investing effectively
in the tourism
properties sector.

We are Partner Expert.
We assist developers in effectively investing in the tourism properties sector.

Why Partner Expert?

We know perfectly,
what we do!

We support investors at every stage of the project — from planning, through implementation, to rental management.

By choosing Partner Expert, you gain a partner for comprehensive management of your tourism property. From rental management to operating SPAs and gastronomy.

Our holistic approach, inspired by the hospitality industry, will ensure the efficient operation of the property.

Such a presented solution will be a strong argument during sales discussions with clients purchasing apartments.

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in the industry
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Generated revenue
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Who are our services dedicated to?

For investors
and developers.

We offer not only comprehensive facility management but also extensive advisory services from the investment planning stage. Thanks to our deep knowledge and experience, we are able to anticipate and advise on potential challenges and project optimization.Such an approach allows developers to avoid mistakes and ensures that their investments will be well-managed, profitable, and attractive for many years to come.
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How can we help you?

Discover that you can count on us!

IND.U Apartamenty

We manage

Our activities include:

  • development of the property's marketing strategy,
  • implementation and management of the reservation system,
  • guest services from check-in to settlement,
  • transparent settlement for apartment owners.

We operate
Reception, SPA, and Gastronomy

Our services include:
  • professional management of the property's reception,
  • comprehensive management of the SPA offer,
  • coordination of gastronomic services within the property,
  • comprehensive maintenance of the property's common areas.
Oliver Andrzejczuk i Adrian Szufel

We consult on
development projects

We assist in the area of:
  • market analysis, tailoring projects to current trends,
  • project optimization, ensuring their functionality,
  • creating effective marketing and sales strategies,
  • property acquisition, providing perfectly tailored plots.

We are Partner Expert

We assist developers in effectively investing in the tourism facilities sector