Complex management of your investment project can be easier than you expect. We can start coordinating your project at any level. Sensible and optimal management guarantees a problem-free coordination process.
że cały proces będzie dla Ciebie bezproblemowy. 

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The real estate management coordinated by Partner Expert Group includes:

  • Choosing an architect who will be responsible for the real estate project (or the analysis and optimisation of the existing architectural project)
  • optimising and coordinating the designing process
  • obtaining the building permit
  • choosing the general contractor and signing the contract
  • taking the function of project supervisor (building and coordination of the built process)
  • obtaining the claim procedure and the troubleshooting procedure
  • the takeover of the real estate from the general contractor
  • the estimation of the budget needed for the proper exploitation
  • the comfort of the cooperation - reports, supervision, and fast problem solving

Entrust the project coordination to our managers and realise how easy it is. We do not stick to cliché schemes or schedules. We adjust to individual needs and the features of the investment.

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