Adrian Szufel

CEO, co-founder


A manager with rich experience in investment,in both private Holding Zdrojowa Invest,or Sun & Snowand public sector (Poviat Starosty in Kołobrzeg).

Initiator of the Sun&Snow Resort Kołobrzeg project and the sales office coordinator - he has sold more than 40% of the apartments available in the investment.

He specialises in legal and administrative issues connected with property investment and management.


Adrian’s interests include new technologies, social studies and jazz music.

He enjoys cold-water swimming in the Baltic sea, as well as exploring movies on Netlifx and finding new memes.


“Every company’s business depends on numbers and analysing them. Regardless of the company’s branch, if it cannot draw conclusions on its development and makes decisions based on superficial information or intuition, it will eventually pay a high price for it.”

- Bill Gates, co-founder Microsoft